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At the moment I have two guitar, both electric. Got my first one for my birthday a few years ago. It's a Squire Strat, first guitar to thousands I'm sure, though it's slightly battered now and I foolishly tried to paint it when I was bored.

This came with a 10 watt (loud I know) Kustom amp (KLA10) that they probably don't make any more, being that rubbish!

Thankfully I now have another guitar, a Burns Red Special, and I love it (read the review here). I think that its got a really good versatile sound, whether you're rocking away, or playing more acoustically mindedly.

And to try and improve on the amp, I bought a nice effects pedal: a Korg AX1500, which I love (read about it here). I bought it really because it was a good price and I wanted to make a load of weird noises with my guitar! But it actually improves the sound of the guitar a lot, modelling several amps and cabinets.














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